A Custom tiled shower installation can range from a simple enclosure with a prefabricated pan to a complex and elaborate space incorporating a plethora of different design options such as benches, niches and mosaic details. Shower systems can be trimmed with a multitude of different shower accessories both minimal and elegant, not to mention hundreds of different tile and stone options that are available.

Aside from all these aesthetic options, the fundamental functionality of a properly working shower system is the release of water into an open and controlled space and the successful draining of that same water. We want this process to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible without letting that water and moisture hang around too long. When moisture becomes trapped or denied release due to constant exposure of additional moisture we inevitably see mold growth and the deterioration of the substrate and or mortar bed. Proper drainage, water proofing, and proper installation techniques are essential to the longevity of your tiled shower.